How to install/uninstall Office Word/Excel apps on Windows 10 S

Microsoft is working on turning the full (Win32) desktop versions of the Office software into Office apps for running on specific devices. You might have got a new Surface laptop running Windows 10 S, and it always takes a straightforward way to get Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, and Publisher. Because you are only allowed to download and update them right from the Windows Store.

Unlike Windows 10 Pro, you can’t download and install Microsoft Office from the web outside the store in Windows 10 S. You need to follow the instructions to get start with Office apps on your Surface laptop.

Office in the Windows Store
* All the new Surface Laptops include one year of Office 365 Personal.
* Most commonly used apps with Office available in Windows Store include:
Word, Excel, PowerPoint,
OneNote app for Windows 10 with limited functions (the desktop version of OneNote isn’t included)
Access, Outlook and Publisher (Unavailable in preview for Office 365 Education plans)

How to install Office Word/Excel apps on Windows 10 S
Note: Make sure your Microsoft account has been linked to an Office 365 subscription.
* From your desktop, click on the Windows button at the left bottom corner to open the Start menu. Go to the App list, locate and click on the Word, Excel or other Office app that you want to install on your device.
A quick way is to open the Store, and type “Office” to search it.
* When the related Office Store page is opened, click on the Install button.
* Then open the Office product page, select it and click on Got it! option to use the Office app.

If you want to Uninstall an Office app like Word, try the method:
* Click on the Start button, right-click the app on the App list, and select Uninstall option.
* Then confirm that by clicking the Uninstall to remove it completely.
If you would like to uninstall all Office apps in Windows 10 S, you need to do that in Settings app.
* Open the Start menu, and click on the Settings app.
* Go to Apps > Apps & features.
* Select the Microsoft Office Desktop Apps from list, click Uninstall and confirm that to delete all related contents.


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