How to fix blurry/small Font of Microsoft Edge in Windows 10

When I use the Microsoft Edge on my Surface Pro 4 running Windows 10, all text and general page sizes are too darn small to see. I don’t want to use the default typeface size and the browser lacks of an XL font size to choose from. There is also the same problem on my desktop computer with Creators Update installed. The Edge font is very blurry and low quality, so I have to use Chrome. How can I resolve the problem.

If you are using the NVIDIA Graphics on your computer, the NVIDIA Graphics setting had forced using graphics properties but the Edge couldn’t handle well. So you get the Blurry text and image. To resolve the problem, open the device manager, right click on your Nvidia driver, restore it to defaults and select “Let the application decide” option.

How to change small Font size of Microsoft Edge in Windows 10
By text size options for reading mode
* Within Microsoft edge, click on the three dots icon (More actions button) at the top right corner, and select the Settings at the bottom of the menu.
* Go to the Reading section and there are the two drop down menus. Change the Reading view style and font size to your preference.

Quick method to Change font sizes in general webpage
* When you are using a mouse with a scroll wheel, hold the CTRL key from your keyboard, and use the scroll wheel to scale up/down. The current webpage will be generally larger or smaller.
* Those setting will be saved across pages and separate sessions. However, if the the entire page is zoom out, some content may become not visible because they slide off to the right hand side.

Increase the size of text with everything in Windows 10
* Right click on your desktop, and select Display settings.
* Under the “Change the size of text, app, and other items”, move its slider to right and increases the size from 150% to 200%.
* Click the Apply button, and sign out your account then sign in to apply changes to the operating system as a whole.

For Windows 10 Phone, access Ease of access in Settings App, select more options. From there, move the slider to adjusts text size to be large. And pick up the size which suits you.


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