High definition audio headset not working After Windows 10 Creators update

Windows 10 played any sound with music and movie on my tablet’s built-in speakers and my headset well. After I receive the Creators update and install it, the speakers are set to default and I am unable to switch it. The troubleshooter reports that my 3.5mm jack headset is on unplugged status while the IDT High definition audio codec is not working. I install the latest version of audio driver and it doesn’t take effect. Any way to resolve the problem?

It seems that the High Definition Audio Driver has been broken during the Windows 10 Creators update. So the related headset won’t play sound and not Switch, while it is not muted. You could try the method to fix the particular audio codec issue.

* From your desktop, type Device Manager in Cortana Search box or Start box, and select the Device Manager one from result.
* Doube click on the sound, video and game controllers, right click on the IDT High Definition Audio CODEC, and select the Update Driver option from menu.
* Click on Browse my computer for driver software to expand the items, and select “Let me pickup a list of device drivers on my computer“.
* Highlight the High Definition Audio Device from list, and click Next button. Don’t select the IDT High Definition Audio Device.
* Click on Yes button in the Warning dialog box to confirm that.
* After Windows 10 update your audio driver software to the current version, the sound signal will begin working again.


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