Fix Amazon assistant cannot uninstall in Windows 10 Creator update

I have upgraded my tablet to Windows 10 Creator update home version. After I reboot and login the system, the desktop keep popping up the Amazon assistant causes .dll error messages. If I try to open Amazon Assistant, it just runs install wizard and nothing else. Its extension also appears in Internet Explorer. Now I could not find a way to uninstall it completely because the related option is grayed out in the Settings app.

The Amazon Assistant offers product comparisons, search, and quick links to favorite features like Your Orders/Lists, Deals and more. But it makes the annoying malware-like behavior in Windows 10 Creator update. Internet Explorer 11 keeps running its adds, but every time the Res://aaResources.dll/104 warning shows on the start up page.

How to fix the Amazon Assistant won’t uninstall problem in Windows 10
* Within IE browser, click on the Tools, select the Manage add-ons option, disable all add-ons and close all window.
* Then re-open the IE, enable them one by one in Manage add-ons page to figure out which one causes conflict.
Kill the related process
* Hold-and-press or right-click your Taskbar, and select Task Manager.
* Go to the Processes tab, locate the Amazon Assistant in the list, highlight it and click on End process button.
* Select the Startup Tab, un-check any Amazon startup entries, and set it to Disable.
Try uninstalling again.
* You might need to disconnect the Internet connection temporarily.
* Type Control Panel in the Cortana search box or Start menu, and select Control Panel from result.
* Click on Programs and Features, and go to Uninstall a program, select the Amazon assistant, and click on the Remove or Romoval option to totally uninstall it. Then restart your tablet or computer.

If the above methods are still not working, you have to perform a system restore to an earlier point.


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