Windows Spotlight option missing from Windows 10 lock screen on Creators Update

The Windows Spotlight feature not only show you beautiful images from Bing on your Lock screen, but also pictures of Windows devices with certain apps. I have clean installed the Creators Update on my tablet running Windows 10 Education successfully. However, when I open the Settings app and go to the Lockscreen, the Spotlight option is missing in the drop-down menu, while the slider to show tips and content by Cortana is grayed out and set to OFF. A message “Some settings are hidden or managed by your organization” is displayed at the top. Everything worked fine before upgraded. How can I fix the issue?

Many people have reported that the Personalization menu states “Some settings are hidden or managed by your organization” in Windows 10. It seems to be a bug in the Creators update. And only rock picture appears on lock screen with the personal tablet or computer that is not part of any organisation.

You could try any of the methods to resolve it.
By Registry
* Press Win + R from your keyboard, type regedit in Run dialog box, and click OK button to open Registry Editor.
* Doube click/tap on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE key, navigate to the sub-path:


* Select the Personalization key and go to its right side pane.
* Right click on the NoLockScreen Value, and select Delete option to remove the Value completely.
* Finally restart the system to apply the changes.

* Download the Dynamic theme free app from the app store, and install it on your Windows 10 PC.
* With Dynamic theme app, you should be able to get the “windows spotlight” option. After turn it back on, the spotlight begin working again.

Another solution to enable Animate function
* From your desktop, right click on My Computer, and select Properties option from menu.
* In the left side pane, click on the Advanced system settings link.
* Within the System Properties dialog, under Advanced tab, click on Settings in the Performance area.
* Locate the“Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing”and check on its box, then click on Apply > OK button.


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