Surface Hub problem and features with Windows 10 Creator Update

Microsoft Surface Hub has 55- or 84-inch touch screen, with onboard cameras and inking input. You can use it for meetings, whiteboard sessions, and video conferencing, so the device is perfect in any corporate conference room. Now Windows 10 Creators Update with many new features is available on this new machine, but customer also report the problem after installed the update.

The Windows Creator update has been automatically updated on my Microsoft Surface Hub, and all of the fonts, button tiles and icons become smaller on the 54″ display. It is very difficult to read text and that also happens with time, date and schedule task.

The Control Panel has been more obsoleted by the major Windows 10 update. The Creators Update has removed the ability to change the system font size, and the default setting with fonts are very small. To fix the issue, you could try to use a portable app named System Font Size Changer. It will modify the current registry entry in registry editor, and let you change the system font size to the size you want.

What’s new things in the Creators Update on Surface Hub
* The Whiteboard app provides new inking tools and ink effects, as well as integrate existing content into the whiteboard canvas through many methods.
* Two-factor authentication make the system more security.
* Miracast works more reliable and stream faster on Surface Hub than before.
* You are able to use Office 365 single sign-on functionality to access your OneDrive, get the documents list and more.
* Dolby has been optimized for human speech
* Skype controls is simple to call and message with remote participants.


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