Fix No Network Usage showing in Windows 10 Task Manager

I have updated Motherboard driver on my Desktop computer running Windows 10 Education x64 successfully. The Network Manager has already added into Ethernet Adapter driver. When I download game installation file from internet and open Task Manager to see network usage, there is no network activity and it just shows 0 Mbps usage with all apps under the Process tab. Then I connect to WiFi network and get the same problem. How can I resolve the problem?

If Network Usage is not showed or missing in Task Manager on Windows 10, you could try any of the methods to get rid of that.
* Once you have installed any type of bandwidth monitor programs like NetWorx, BitMeter OS, FreeMeter, or other Network Balancing or Network Control software, you’d better uninstall it completely to check if it is fixed. To get those software working to monitor your network traffic, you could download the related INF file and install it by device manager.

Re-configure the settings of the task manager
* Open Task manager, click on the View option at the top menu.
* Click on the Update Speed, and set it to Normal.
* CLick on the View option again, go to Status Values, and set it to “show suspended value”.
* Finally restart your tablet or computer to take effects.

Network filtering driver or driver pack from Killer Networking suite might causes the problem
* Go to the Network and Sharing Center, open the Properties of your current network,
* Uncheck all of those boxes, including Virtualbox Bridged Networking Driver, Network Filter Driver, Winpk Filter Light Weight Filter, and Azzouzi HotSpot Light Weight Filter, and click Apply > OK button.

Another Solution is to type MSCONFIG in Run dialog box, and press Enter to open it, and disable all services except Microsoft. Then open the network adapters page, disabled all adapters except Ethernet and WiFi. FInally reboot Windows 10 and set the Windows defender network inspection “WdNisSvc” service to run.

If all of above tips are not working, you need to reset the network on your device.
* Open the Settings app, go to Network & Internet > Status.
* Go to its right side pane, click on Network reset option, and click on Reset now button, and click Yes to confirm.


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