Problem How to Disable set tabs aside in Edge on Windows 10 Creator update

Windows 10 Creator’s update brings new features and the “Set these tabs aside” capability to Microsoft Edge. When you are browsing your favorite sites and have too many open tabs, you can easily set all of them aside to group together and access individually later. It works after you close the Edge or restart the system. I have upgraded my Surface Pro 4 tablet to the version 1703. The function really helps declutter, but also actually creates the problem for me.

When I open more than one tabs in Edge, a new icon appears the left of the tab bar and looks like an arrow which points to the left side. This is the set tabs aside button and next to the tab. Sometime I need to click or tap on the first tab in the list, I always click on the set aside button accidentally.

It is very annoying that my current productivity is loosing. Then I have to reload all tabs again and it is triggered randomly. That make my browsing experience to be horrible. So I need to disable the set tabs aside completely.

However, I open the advanced settings in Edge, go inside the Settings app, and could not find any related option to turn it off. It seems that no key with set tabs aside stores in the registry editor for making changes.

I notice that many people are facing the same problem with Edge and it is impossible to resolve it since now. I think the only way is to send a feedback for it to Microsoft, so I am able to remove the set tabs aside button easily.


10 thoughts on “Problem How to Disable set tabs aside in Edge on Windows 10 Creator update


  2. The only way to disable the “set aside tabs” (at the moment) is to send in feedback to Microsoft (to have a turn on and off feature to this). The more feedback that is sent in, Hopefully, the more Microsoft will get on this problem for the ones that do not wont this feature. Hopefully they will have this done soon.

  3. I do not know how this tab starting appearing at the top reducing screen size I am unable to delete the unwanted annoying tab

  4. I am tearing my hair out trying to get rid of the oversized “set aside tabs” which take up a quarter of my screen height. Whose blinking stupid idea was it to make them so big and not give an option to turn it off. I didn’t download this and I don’t want it so, Microsoft, don’t mess with my computer and tell me how to disable it.

  5. I cannot remove the tabs located at the top of my page. It is taking up space and something I do not want because it is taking up at least 1/4 size of my screen at the top. How do I get rid of this?

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