Windows 10 Show most used apps disabled and Grayed Out after Creators update

By default I was able to see my most used apps (a limit of up to 6 apps) in a single view at the top of the list of programs on the Start menu, and also get my recent command for the Run (Win+R) command dialog. However, after my Surface Pro 4 tablet is upgraded to Creators Update by the update assistant tool, the data of related history is cleared and empty completely. When I navigate to Personalization > Start page inside the Settings app, the “Show most used apps” option become grayed out and has set to Off. So I am unable to turn it on to use the feature. How can I fix the issue?

Microsoft has made the new privacy settings in Windows 10 Creators Update on tablet and computer. If you setup something wrong during the upgraded process, that might cause the “Show most used apps” feature not working. It is very annoying and I have grown to rely on that list of commands and apps. If you also face the same behavior, try the method below to troubleshooting the problem. Hope it useful for you.
* Press Win + I together from your keyboard to open Settings directly. Alternatively, you can tap or click on the Start button, and open the Settings app from the menu.
* Click on the Privacy category icon, and select the General tab in the left side.
* On its right side pane, under Change privacy options heading, move the slider of the “Let Windows track app launches to improve Start and search results” option from Off to On. Now the built-in track app function has been enabled.

Once you have done that, return to the main page of Settings app, go to Personalization > Start page, and you should notice that the “Show most used apps” option is available. Now turn on this option for let Windows 10 remember your recently used commands in its history list. Enjoy yourself.


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