Windows 10 Cortana search results not clickable after Creators Update

The search function is not working well after my Surface Pro 4 is upgraded to Windows 10 Creators Update. If I type the name of any apps or file in the Cortana search box in the taskbar, I click on most of the results especially the best match one and it is not clickable. Then I open the Start menu and type something like “Check for Updates”. Clicking it and nothing is responsive. It seems that the related files get corrupted during the update. How can I fix the issue?

Windows 10′s search functionality can not be fine at the time and this is a bizarre bug. A few user are encountering the same problem after Creators/Anniversary Update and can not click on anything from results in the search part of cortana. Here are some tips to get rid of that.

The Cortana app might effects the search box and you could reload it to resolve the problem.
* Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc keyboard shortcut to open the Task Manager. And click on “More details” if it lists a few programs.
* Under process tab, right click on Cortana, select “End task” from menu. Then the system will restart it immediately.
* Go to the Services tab, make sure the status of WSearch service is running. If not, set its startup type to Enable. Works for me.

If you have updated or removed Windows language packs recently, that also causes your Start Menu and Cortana Search Results to be not clickable.
* Tap or click on Start button and open the Settings app, select the Time & Language category.
* Click on the Date & Time, make sure the Country or region has set to the current, and is the same as Speech language when you click on Speech in the left side.
* Then open Control Panel, go to Clock, Language and Region > Language > Region, check if the Format and location has updated.

Another solution with index database
* Open File Explorer, click on Control Panel in the navigation pane. You can also run the control.exe file under C:\Windows\System32\.
* Click on Indexing options, and click on Advanced button in pop up dialog, and click on “Rebuild” option under Troubleshooting to delete and rebuild your search index.
* Then click on “Troubleshoot search and indexing” link, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.


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