Upgrade Windows 10 S Laptop to Windows 10 Pro/Home

Windows 10 S, previously known as Cloud version, is a Windows Store-only operating system, without Win32-app support, so that should be secured and streamlined. It is designed for the education market, and will be perfectly capable Surface Laptop for schools, while PC makers such as Acer and HP also release their related laptops. You might would like to have a try with the new OS or are wondering how can I upgrade it to Windows 10 Pro.

What’s the different with this new OS?
Compares to Windows 10 Pro and Home, Windows 10 S build comes with those features, including Azure AD domain join, the default browser Microsoft Edge with Bing search provider, Windows Update for Business, Mobile Device Management (MDM), Bitlocker, Enterprise state roaming with Azure AD, Configure the Shared PC. You can only get apps from store, and many Win32 softwares have been converted by Project Centennial tool on the Cloud. Sideloading third part apps or using Google Chrome browser is not working for that.

According to Microsoft, you are able to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro by paying for one-time fee $49, and there is no option to upgrade to Windows 10 Home. For teachers, administrators and students in school, they can upgrade their Surface laptop for free until the end of 2017 year. However, once your device has been running Pro version, it is no way to restore to Windows 10 S.

It is simple to upgrade from Windows 10 S to Windows 10 Pro. And the process won’t delete any of your installed apps and personal data, so you don’t need to backup anything.
* From your desktop, type upgrade in Cortana search box or Start menu, and select the top one from results. It will lead you to the page to begin the upgrade process with costs.
* In the addition, when you try to sideload any apps or softwares from the Website or other sources like USB flash drive, a dialog box will warn you that your app is forbidden and give you the alternatives from the Windows Store. A little link also appear at the bottom corner and ask weather you would like to run apps from outside the Store. If you agree, click on the link to launch the Windows Store and access the related page.


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