How to backup and avoid problems before install Windows 10 Creators Update

Windows 10 Creators Update comes with many new features and improvements for tablets and computers. As a big update, it can not fully work with many different hardware configurations since now and may make the devices across errors and unknown bugs. To avoid problems, you could try the tips to prepare for a smooth installation.

How to backup and avoid problems before install Windows 10 Creators Update
* First create a full backup of your device.
Type backup in Cortana search box, select Backup and Restore from result. Click on “Create a system image”from the left pane, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete it.
* If your PC have already connected with non-essential peripherals, go to disconnect them, such as external storage media, USB flash drive, or SD-card.
* Make sure you have enough free storage space for the updates.
You should have at least 20GB of free space available for the download and installation in the main root drive (by default it is C:\). The error 0×50012 or 0×60000 or 0×80070070, 0×50011 warning indicates that the upgrade can not get enough space available to run.
* Remove security and non-essential apps.
The installed security antivirus software or firewall might be not compatibility with the Creators Update. If the system has incompatible app, the process will be blocked and shows the 0xC1900208 or 0x4000C error message.
You could temporarily disable the program temporarily before proceeding with the upgrade. But the best method is to uninstall any related software completely in the Settings app before the installation. Once the Creators Update has applied successfully, go to install them again.
If the error 0xC1900101 occurs, one of the driver will be not working with the Creators Update.
* Make changes with the Settings app.
Click on Start button, and open the Settings app, go to turn off Bluetooth feature under Devices tab.
Then return to Settings, go to Update & security > Windows Update > Advanced options, and un-check “Defer feature updates” option to stop blocking feature updates.
In Network & internet category, select the Advanced options, and make sure the “Set as metered connection” option is off.


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