Fix Bluetooth LE devices not pairing/connecting in Windows 10 Creators Update

The popular Bluetooth technology can wirelessly transfer data between two devices, such as your PC, smartphone, a speaker, mouse and keyboard. I was able to pair my Altec Lansing MZX300 headphones in Windows 10 on my Surface Pro 4 tablet, but it just becomes not connecting after Creators Update. The device stays in discoverable mode, and I click on Connect option in the Action Center and nothing happens. Then I test it with my Android phone and it is normal. How can I resolve the problem?

If two devices fail to be pairing in Windows 10, go to check if you have already turned Bluetooth on in the Settings app. Another method is to do a soft resetting by powering the device off and back on. In Creators Update, some older Bluetooth models seem to be not compatible or the installed driver is out-of-date, and you could try the tips to troubleshoot that.

* A recent Windows update has fixed the Bluetooth LE device connection issues with Broadcom radios.
Link: Fix Windows 10 not generate passcode for bluetooth keyboard to pair
Run Bluetooth Troubleshooter
* From your desktop, tap or click on the Start button and open the Settings app.
* Select the Update & security category icon, and go to Troubleshoot tab.
* At the right side pane, under Find and fix other problems, select the “Bluetooth” item, and click on “Run the Troubleshooter”. The process will identify your Bluetooth modem and try to fix it automatically.

Delete the device and rediscover it
* Type Device Manager in Cortana search box or Start menu, and select the top one from result. Or you can right click on Start button and select “Device Manager” from list.
* Double click on the Bluetooth to expand all sub-items. You should see an item named “Requires further installation. It means your current hardware is not working for Windows 10 Creators Update. Hold-and-press or right click on one of paired Bluetooth devices and un-install it temporarily. Then repeat the same way with all the instances of the Bluetooth driver.
* Then restart the system and Windows 10 will install the correct driver. Your related accessory should work again.


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