WiFi/Ethernet network adapter connection not working in Windows 10 Creators update

Wired Ethernet offers lower latency and faster speeds than Wireless, so I hard wire my computer to Internet connection and the Intel 82579 Gigabite network adapter acted well. However, after I upgrade it to Windows 10 Creator update and reboot into system, I notice that the internet connection is not working at all and I could not access any website or use Skype message. I try to reset the network and it doesn’t respond and could not figure out how to resolve the problem.

The Creators Update might enable Windows’ Fast Startup option automatically during the process. When you shut down your tablet or computer, Fast Startup puts it into a low-level hibernation state but will causes many problem once booting up again, such as WiFi/Ethernet connection not working, and stuck at the BIOS. You need to disable hibernation by the method in Windows 10:
* Right click on Start button, and select Power options.
* Click on Choose what the Power buttons do > Change settings that are currently unavailable.
* Under Shutdown settings, uncheck “Turn on Fast Startup” box, and click Save changes button.
You can also open Command Prompt with admin right, type the command:

powercfg /h off

and press Enter to execute it for disabling hibernation system wide quickly.

If you still would like to use Fast Startup feature, try the solutions to use WiFi or Wire network adapter temporarily.
* Pull the plug of the computer, push the ON button to dis-charge the the components, then insert the plug again and the network adapter should work normally.
* Another way is to download the latest version of related driver installation from Intel site. Copy the driver from other PC to this computer, then start the installation to turn on the adapter.


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