Quick Assist app fails not working in Windows 10 Creators Update

Windows 10 Creators Update comes with new inbox “Quick Assist” App which shares a tablet or computer over a remote connection and allows you to help another person troubleshoot it, without emailing an invitation file. It is easy to use and available on all version, even on Home Edition. However, when I open it and sign in using my account on my Surface Pro 4, the app stuck at a blank screen and display “An error has occurred. We’ve run into a problem. An error has caused screen sharing to end or we cannot establish a connection. Please close Quick Assist and try again later.” message.

If the Quick Assist app is not working and fails to connect in Windows 10 Creators Update or Anniversary update, try any of the methods to resolve the problem.
* Make sure your tablet or computer is connected to the Internet. To enable incoming remote connections and RDP feature, review Remote settings in Windows 10 System Properties. Input remote settings into the Cortana search box, select “Allow remote access to your computer” at the top, then keep the box checked for Allow remote connections to this computer.
Change Internet Explorer 11′s security settings
* Type Internet Explorer in the Cortana Search box or Start menu, and select it from results. If you are using Microsoft Edge browser, click on More actions icon at the top right corner and click “Open with Internet Explorer.”
* Within IE 11, click the Tools button, and click on Internet Options.
* In Internet properties, go to the Advanced tab, uncheck “Do not save encrypted pages to disk” box, and click Apply > Ok button. If you check the option, you will face the error.
Reset and Clear Recent Items and Frequent Places
* In File Explorer, go to the View tab, and click/tap on Options in the Ribbon bar.
* Under the General tab, in Privacy area, click on the Clear button next to Clear File Explorer history.
* You can also open those locations in File Explorer:

%APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\Recent Items

and delete all files in the folder locations to clear them completely.


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