How to setup recurring Monthly/weekly reminders on Cortana in Windows 10 Creators Update

The Cortana virtual assistant app offers a simple way to set time-, location- and person-based reminders, and will alert you to perform an action in Windows 10, without forgot that completely. In Anniversary Update or older build, time-based reminder only can be recurred as a one time or every day, or one of the days of the week. However, may people want to set recurring monthly or yearly reminders with cycle bill payment. To resolve the problem, Creators Update adds two new recurrence options (Every Month, and Every Year) for that. You could try method to do that in Cortana.

How to setup recurring Monthly/weekly reminders in Cortana on Windows 10 Creators Update
* Tap or click the “Ask me anything” field in taskbar to activate Cortana.
* Say “remind me to [your-activity] in [timeframe]” or “In [timeframe] remind me to [your-activity].”through the microphone, or you can type your contents into the Cortana box on taskbar by keyboard. If your request is not processed by Cortana, click on the reminder fields to edit the contents
The Time-based reminder can be based on a specific time (“remind me at 12 am”), a recurring time (“remind me every Sunday afternoon”), or an approximate time (“remind me tomorrow morning”).
* To recur, click on “Only once”, and select every day, or on specific days of the week/month. I would like to get Cortana to remind me on the 18th of every month at 15pm to pay a bill, just select “”Every Month” for my remind.
* Finally if it is correct, say “Yes” or click the remind button to create it.

To see all of your reminders, tap or click the search button once, select the Light bulb button in the left side, go to the Time tab, and you can also re-configure them from there.


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