Glyph Client causes Creators update installer not working

When I run the Windows Update installer to upgrade my Surface Pro tablet to the Windows 10 Creators Update (1703) version, it stops at 32% process and says I need to uninstall old game RIFT and “Glyph Client” first before continuing. It display We couldn’t uninstall these apps. You’ll need to remove them yourself message and I click on Refresh button then nothing works. The Glyph Client program doesn’t list in Programs and Features and Settings app, so I could not find a way to delete it. Using ISO file still face the same warning. How can I resolve the problem?

It seems to be an bug with stream and Glyph Client prevents Upgrade to Creators Edition. If you have installed any TRION GAME via STEAM client, the glyph client will be also applied to your Windows 10 system. To get rid of that, you need to open the steam game folder in File Explorer to remove it. It is under the location below for me with Windows 10 64-bit:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RIFT

When you are insdie the RIFT folder, use the ‘Uninstall glyph.exe’ program to remove the glyph client.

Once you have installed the Windows 10 Creators update successfully, go to re-download the glyph client from stream and install it for playing Trion games through steam. However, the Glyph might fail to launch after patching the update. You could use beta client of glyph to play game without launching glyph.
* Access the location:


* Edit the cfg file to change option:


And save the information. If it is still not working, you have to roll back the update.


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