Cannot open Apps From Search Bar in Windows 10 creators update

When I click on the Cortana search box at the bottom of my desktop, and type Settings to search, the app from result can not be opened no matter I press Enter or left click on it. Then I search for others such as Command Prompt, Defrag, iTunes software, Maps app, and nothing works. I run the sfc /scannow command and it doesn’t find any issue. It just occurs after on the creators update. How can I fix it on my Surface Pro 4 tablet?

Then I open the Settings app from Start menu, and input something in the Search field at the top. It just displays the “Search results aren’t quite ready yet, but we’re working on getting them together. Try again in a few minutes.” error message and I am unable to take action of any one from result. That happens while I use Microsoft account and a local account

If your installed language pack is not exclusively compatible with the language of the Windows 10 Operating System, you might could not open apps from Search Bar or face the related problem.
* Open File Explorer, go to This PC, and expand the Computer tab from the ribbon menu on top, then click on the Open Settings.
* Within the Settings app, Click on Time & language > Region & language, select the United States (US), and click on Set as primary option.
* Then you need to change your keyboard layout. Press and hold the Win key from your keyboard, and press spacebar multiple times to highlight ENG US keyboard layout through the list.

Another method is to clear and reset the Store Cache once there is corrupt cache.
* Press Win + R keys, type WSReset.exe in Run dialog box and click OK to open the WSReset tool. It will finish the process itself.

If it is still not working, you have to clean install the Windows 10 Creator Update to get rid of that.


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