Windows 10 system restore error 0×80070091 and not working problem

My Surface Pro 4 tablet has been installed the Windows 10 Creators Update with KB3213986 and I played it for two days. When I tried the restore function to roll back to the previous point, the process was not working and poped up the error “System Restore did not completely successfully. You computer’s system files and settings were not changed. An unspecified error occurred during System Restore. (0×80070091).” Any way to get rid of that?

If you get the system restore (0×80070091) in Windows 10 Creators Update, that KB3213986 or other apps update kills system restore process and makes the related files to be corrupt and damage. You could try the method to resolve the problem.
* Make sure your signin account has administrator right.
* First downloaded Unlocker 1.9.2 free software on your Windows 10 tablet or computer. During its installation, select Advanced installation, and un-check the “Delta Toolbar” box to continue.
* Open the File Explorer, navigate to C:\Program Files\
or you can type %ProgramFiles% in address bar and press Enter to access the location.
* Right click on the WindowsApps folder, and select Unlocker. From its dialog box, select “No Action” from drop down menu, click Rename option, and change it to WindowsApps.old, then click OK and confirm that.
* However, if Unlocker shows “The object could not be renamed. Do you want to perform the requested rename operation at next reboot?” message, you need to reboot to safe mode and repeat the way.

If it still doesn’t take any effect, you’d better re-install Windows 10 until Microsoft release a priority fix.


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