How to enable/disable Cortana suggested reminders in Windows 10

Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana get a new feature named suggested reminders in Windows 10. Cortana will scan and detect commitments on something you made to your friend or other people about you will do in an email message, and create automatic reminder to alert you to complete tasks. The feature uses machine learning technology and can help users easily keep their promises on Surface Pro tablet or Windows 10 computer.

How to enable or disable Cortana suggested reminders in Windows 10
Note: By default Cortana suggested reminders is enabled in Windows 10. If it is not working , you could check if the setting is correctly.
* Press the Win + S from your keyboard simultaneously to open Cortana. Or you can select the “Ask me anything” field in taskbar from your desktop.
* Tap or click on the Cortana’s Notebook icon in its left side.
* Click on Permissions, and toggle switch of “Contacts, email, calendar, & communication history”to On.
* Return to Notebook setting, click on Connected Services, and click Add a service, type your related username and password to login. Now the feature currently supports or Office 365 work or school account to connect, and other email services like Gamil will be added in the future.

After you’ve configured that, it is a straightforward to use Cortana to get suggested reminders in Windows 10. To check if it is working well, you could send emails normally do with your commitment and specified a deadline in the email, such as “I will go to school at 9:00 tomorrow”, Cortana will pop a notification with Suggested reminders in Action Center, ahead of the deadline of your task.


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