Delete Windows 10 synced setting data from OneDrive cloud

When you sign in with a Microsoft account in Windows 10 tablet or computer and also turn on sync feature, your PC will connect to the cloud, and all of your personal settings and preferences such as theme, apps, Edge, passwords, language preferences, Ease of Access, and others are kept track and stored in OneDrive. You might don’t want to sync those data across other devices that you sign in to using the same account while you are playing around with an insider build. Is it possible to remove Windows 10 synced data completely?

If you don’t want the syncing data to convert all setting of your local account, try the method:
How to Delete the Windows 10 synced setting data from OneDrive cloud
First Disable syncing feature on every Windows 10 PC
* From your desktop, tap or click on the Start button, open the Settings app.
* Click on the Accounts icon, and go to Sync your settings tab.
* In the right pane, under Sync settings option, move the slider to the left to turn off Sync settings. All individual sync settings will become gray out.
To delete your personal data and preferences stored in OneDrive cloud
* Open Edge or other browser to access the web page:
* Type your Microsoft Account username and password details to log into onedrive.
* Click on the “Delete your personal settings from the cloud” link, and the“Remove” button to erase all syncing data.


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