Fix Windows store sign-in option not working and gray out in Windows 10

When I open the Windows Store and try to login using my account to buy and download applications in Windows 10, the sign-in box pops up and it is only grayed out without any box area to type my username and password. 15 seconds later the window disappear. The same problem also happens with Mail and Cortana app and I could not figure out how to resolve it on my Surface Pro 3 tablet. Continue reading

How to View Family Account Settings and setup parental control in Windows 10 Creators Update

Windows Defender Security Center offers a new experience in the Windows 10 Creators Update, and includes all the various security settings in the same place, such as Virus & threat protection, Firewall & network protection and Family Options. The Family page not only lets you view the health of your family’s devices, but also allow you to configure the parental controls from habits to online activity for your child. Here are the how-to tutorials for that. Continue reading

How to enable mono audio for accessibility on Windows 10 Creators Update

Microsoft adds Braille and mono audio supported to Windows 10 insider preview and the visually impaired users can get those useful accessibility tools in Creators Update. By default playing a music or audio with Stereo mode lets you feel sound coming from 2 directions, but it is always disturbing and noise to the ears if you are using earbuds. To resolve the problem, you could enable Mono Audio channel to have the completely audible sound on Surface Pro tablet models or Windows 10 computer. Continue reading

How to enable/disable automatic app updates in Windows 10

I have upgraded my computer to Windows 10 Home edition but could not update all apps to the latest version from Store. It displays “Contact your system administrator about changing this setting” and the group policy editor is not available at all. How can I take control with the automatic download and installation of app updates by Store for my Microsoft account? Continue reading

Prevent Windows 10 install unwanted apps automatically in Anniversary Update

In Windows 10 Anniversary Update, the system downloads some games and apps automatically and installs them, without requiring any permission or opening Windows Store. That takes effect with the currently signed-in user and happen with internet network. When you tap or click on the Start button, the menu should list these Metro apps or Universal apps with downloading progress bar or they are under Recently added section. Continue reading

How to Disable Firewall Notifications In Windows 10 Creators Update

Windows 10 Creators Update brings a new application named Windows Defender Security Center, known as Windows Defender Dashboard. This security product provides protection from viruses and malware threats and also has been added the Firewall function. By default all apps have no network access and Windows Security will alert you to deny or allow the connection. Continue reading

Group Split Threshold for Svchost.exe in Windows 10 Creators Update

If you have upgraded your tablet or computer to Windows 10 Creators Update and your machine has sufficient amount of memory, the Details tab of the Task Manager lists a huge number of instances of the svchost.exe process (more than 70 processes) and the services are not grouped at all. Many system services run with the dedicated Svchost.exe (Service host) executable file and that can reduce the memory consumption and the attack surface. Continue reading

Fix Locale System SVChost.exe High CPU usage on Surface Pro 4

I have a Verizon 4G LTE Broadband Router with an enhanced Wi-Fi signal strength, and I use it to get internet connection for my Surface Pro 4 (i7 CPU /16GB RAM / 256GB SSD model). To avoid updates, I opened the Settings app and set it as metered connection. However, the tablet always has a high CPU usage and the fan spins with louder noise and the Windows 10 system becomes slow, while I could not get rid of this behavior. Continue reading

How to remove Advertising in Windows 10 Start menu, File Explorer and Action Center

Windows 10 Creators Update comes with many improvements and new features, but the use of in-box advertising also get worse and more pervasive. It is annoying for many people and it is easy to turn them off completely. You could try the method to prevent this from happening on your Surface Pro tablet or other Windows 10 computer. Continue reading