Network Mapped Drives Close/disappear in File Explorer on Windows 10/8

My Win7 computer is on a domain and has mounted a mixture of DFS drives and the shared network drives to drive letters by Group Policy Preferences and that worked fine. After I upgrade it to Windows 10 and leave File Explorer showing the mapped Drives for a few minutes of inactivity, it will close by itself for no apparent reason. I have to have to re-open explorer and navigate to the folder and could not figure out how to resolve the problem.

If any file or folder on a couple of different mappings drive letters via Group Policy under network locations in File Explore will disappear or close, it may be caused by that your mapped network shares is using the REPLACE feature on Windows 10/8 client. Turning off “Tablet mode” is not working. You could try the method to fix the issue.

How to fix Network Mapped Drives disappearing or closing automatically in File Explorer on Windows 10/8
* Press Win + R from your keyboard, type gpedit.msc in Run dialog box, and hit Enter to launch Group Policy Management. Or you can input gpedit.msc in Start menu to search and select it from results.
* Right-click your drive mapping Group Policy object (GPO), and then select Edit.
* Double click on USER CONFIGURATION to expand the folders , go to Preferences > Windows Settings > Drive Maps.
* locate the drive map which has the automatically closing problem in File Explorer, and double click on it to open its properties.
* From the General tab, change the ACTION drop down menu from REPLACE to UPDATE, and click Apply > OK button.


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