How to take screenshot of entire/part of screen in Windows 10

Taking the screenshots can share what’s on your screen of device and offers useful information. Now the Windows 10 Creators Update bring a way to capture a specific region of your screen using the Win + Shift + S keys, which is based on the OneNote 2016 feature. Here are the how-to tutorials without third-part software.

How to take a screenshot of the entire screen in Windows 10/8
* Normally press the Win + PrntScrn keys to do that, and the system will save it as .PNG file in folder under the location:


How to to take screenshot of part of screen in Windows 10 Creators update
* First make sure that you have installed the Windows 10 Build 15002 or higher on your tablet or computer.
* Hold and press the Win + Shift + S combination keys from your keyboard or type cover for turning the capture mode on. The system will cover the current screen with a overlay and also turn the mouse cursor into a plus (+) symbol on the center.
* Hold the left key on mouse to crop the screen and drag it to select a region on the screen.
* There is no way to save this selected screen area to a folder automatically since now, but the particular portion has been copies to the clipboard. You could open Paint or any other image editor like Adobe Photoshop, and paste (press Ctrl + V keys) the image from clipboard.

The Win + Shift + S keyboard shortcuts just runs the Snipping Tool in non-interactive mode. Another method is to open Command prompt, type the code:

snippingtool.exe /clip

and press Enter to execute it.


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