How to enable Near Share to transfer files in Windows 10 Creators Update

The Photos apps for Apple MAc OS X and iOS include a simple way to instantly share photos and videos, even without an Internet connection, and there is no file size limit, no third-part software to install. Microsoft is working on a brand new Share UI for Windows 10 Creators Update and might copy Apple’s AirDrop Feature with Near Share capabilities. When you share something from within an app, a native UI for WiFi-direct shearing sits in the middle of the screen for you to do that. At this moment Near Share will only work with Windows devices, and doesn’t require configuring a network. Here are the how-to tutorials on Surface Pro tablet and computer.

How to disable or enable Near Share to transfer files in Windows 10 Creators Update
Note: The Near Share is not enabled by default in Windows 10. Make sure both devices have turned on the Biuetooth or Wi-Fi function.
* From your desktop, tap or click on the Start menu, and open the Setting app.
* Click on the System category, and go to the “Cross-Device experiences”section.
* In its right side pane, move the slider of Near Share option from Off to On for enabling the feature. Now you are able to send and receive contents (photos, videos, locations, websites and more) with anyone else nearby by using Biuetooth or a Wi-Fi network if you want to make it work.
* Then continue to set up your Windows 10 devices for Near Share from the same screen, such as pick up My device only in “I can share or receive content from” drop down list to define which devices can participate in the data exchange. Or you can click Change button to specify another folder to save files while by default the location is C:\Users\Your-Username\Download.
* Under Share across devices heading, there is another addition to sharing options. If you would like to open apps on other devices, send messages between them, and invite others to use apps with you, toggle the slider to On for enabling it.


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