Fix Windows File Explorer Crashes After Right Click in Windows 10

I have upgraded my computer from Win 8.1 to Windows 10 Anniversary Update and face a weird issue. When I use mouse to right click on any folder or image, the Windows explorer has stopped working and hangs. Sometimes I right-click a file from my Desktop or anywhere, that also causes the opened File Explorer crashing briefly and then comes back. Making a reboot can get rid of that, but it will occur after you shut down the device.

This is a common problem in Windows 10, 8.1/8 and 7 OS for some users and a lot of applications can interfere with Windows Explorer. A few bug make the explorer.exe process or File Explorer becoming non-responsive while you click on right side button of mouse or touchpad.

Fix Windows Explorer has stopped working or File Explorer Crashes After Right Click in Windows 10
* If you have installed the Send Anywhere app before Windows 10 version 1703 build, you need to uninstall the Send Anywhere app to get rid of that.

A quick workaround by using keyboard shortcut
* You can first single click on a file or program to select it, and then press Shift + F10 together from your keyboard. NOw the context menu will be brought up, and just select Open option to run it.
Disable Third-Party Items from Context Menu
* Download the version 1.97 or later of ShellExView – Shell Extension Manager For Windows, and right click the program through keyboard, and select “Run as Administrator”.

* Open the ShellExView, click on the Options from the top menu, and select Filter by Extension Type > Context Menu.
* Press CTRL + A keys to select all items, and click on the red button on top left corner to disable them. Or you can only turn off some items, such as AVG anti-virus, SpyBot Search&Destroy, NVIDIA’s OpenGLShExt Class, Carbonite, all the “pink background” entries by a third-party app, and other non Microsoft items.
* Finally restart your tablet or computer to check if it is resolved.

The new non-organic software may be the apparent culprit and you could remove it, such as McAfee antivirus, Mozilla and MalwareBytes. For example, after I uninstall Fonix Phantom PDF, everything works normally.


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