File unlocker software for Windows 10 fix File Is Locked problem

If the file is really being in use with some app or program, you won’t be able to delete or move it and also get a error message “the file is locked”. Because Windows locks it for editing and prevents others making changes with it. Without having to restart the system to resolve the problem, the file unlocker software also do the job well in Windows 10.

Many people are experiencing problem with locked files, Windows 10 will display those warnings, such as File/Folder cannot be moved because it is being accessed by another user/Program, Access Denied, Make sure the disk is write Protected. Here are some useful file unlocker softwares for Windows 10 on Surface Pro tablet or computer.
* IObit Unlocker
As a free file management application, IObit Unlocker offers an efficient solution for allowing you to unlock the files from being used by another program, as well as has right click context menu to open its control panel.
Within its main interface, you can drag and drop the file or folder onto the window and see which process is locking it down, and then select your choice seamlessly, such as unlock, unlock & delete, and unlock & move, without closing the Open Instances of that file or folder.
* LockHunter
LockHunter is free for personal purposes absolutely and integrates with Windows 10 system shell by the right-click menu. It detects the processes locking files or folders and gives you the options to unlock it. Once a system process is using the file, it will be deleted during the next reboot. However, all deleted files are only moved to the Recycle Bin so it is easy to restore them.
* FileASSASSIN published by Malwarebytes Anti-malware antivirus software
Viruses are always set to be locked and denied access, so it is no way to delete them normally. After you select particular file or folder, FileASSASSIN tool scans for locked up processes and removes the locked file by unloading modules, closing remote handles, and terminating processes.


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