Best password protect file and folder locker software for Windows 10

If you are working in a public place, others or your child usually have full access to the majority of personal files and folders on your machine. and you should want to block them access to your stuff. The Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise have the pretty straightforward encrypting system and the Home version lack of the related feature. We recommend those file and folder locker and let you pick up the best one on your Surface Pro or computer.

Best password protect file and folder locker tools for Windows 10
* Folder Lock (Paid app)
Folder Lock comes with free for 30 days and a price tag, but offers the best solution in Windows 10. The app can password protect, Encrypt, Share, Sync and real-time backup your files and folders, and also keep safe with USB and CD drives, email attachments, wallets with store credits, and other sensitive information.
you can set up a master password to encrypt more than one file or folder and use one access those locked stuff, or creating an account to stores encrypted files in the cloud.

* SecretFolder (Free)
The SecretFolder program is the best free encrypter in Windows 10 and doesn’t require to perform complex actions. It has less features, but is very simple and easy to lock a few folders and files and does the jobs well. The Protected Uninstall function can let you type a password before uninstalling SecretFolder.

* dCrypt X (the UWP app and paid app)
The Windows Store has a few UWP app and the dCrypt X is one of your choice. You can encrypt and password any file on your Windows 10 tablet or computer for protect your privacy and classified information, and also configure which users to be allowed to access encrypted files.

* Secret Disk (Free and a Pro version)
Secret Disk put your files and folders in a virtual hard drive and you are able to make them invisible or use password to access them.
The free version supports up to 3GB of space of one virtual drive, as well as the the paid version can create many virtual drives with unlimited space.


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