Add/remove file type in New Item of File Explorer Ribbon menu in Windows 10

The ribbon menu of File Explorer in Windows 10 includes many tasks such as Cut-Copy-Paste, Select, Share, and comes with new UI. The New Item in the Home tab allows users to quickly create a new file of a certain type, without right-click to get context menu. Here are the how-to tutorials for that.

How to Add new file type in New Item of File Explorer Ribbon menu
Note: This method is working on Windows 10 Pro version 1607. Make sure your sign-in account has administrative rights.
For example, I want to add Photoshop .psd file type in New Item of File Explorer Ribbon menu
* First you need to add the related app to the Windows Shell Folder. In this case, open Photoshop software to create a .psd extension file with any template and name it as test. And paste the test.psd file into the location below:
* Press Win + R from your keyboard, type regedit into Run dialog, and hit Enter to open Registry Editor.
* Hold-and-press or double click on HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT key in the left pane to expand it. You will see all the extensions under it.
* Locate the corresponding file extension which you would like to add to the New Item menu. I right click on .psd key, select New > Key, and name the sub-key to ShellNew.
* Highlight the ShellNew key, and go to its right side pane. Right click any empty area, select New > String Value, and re-name it as NullFile. Repeat the same way to create a new String and name it FileName. Double click on FileName, and you need to change its data to the above file path in the ShellNew folder. For me, I set its value data to C:\Windows\ShellNew|test.psd.

How to remove App file type From New Item in File Explorer Ribbon menu
* Within Registry Editor, navigate to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, delete the ShellNew key under file extension you want to remove.
* Open File Explorer, Go to C:\Windows\ShellNew, and delete the corresponding app entry.


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