Windows 10 Action Center keeps popping up when touchpad clicked

A lot of users have reported the problem on their laptop such as Dell, HP Pavilion, HP Spectre x360 and others. I was able to push my touchpad to open any program in Windows 8. After installed the Windows 10 anniversary update with up to date drivers, it caused the action center popping up, even sometimes I moved my mouse. So I had to click on the left key to open all the apps. How can I resolve the problem?

It seems that the touchpad driver is not compatibility within the Windows 10 and has some bugs. To prevent the action center or Windows search box from constantly popping open when the trackpad is touched, you could try any of the tips to fix the issue.
* Use four fingers to click the touchpad a couple of times, while the behavior will be activated and then deactivate soon by itself. Repeat the way until you get it. This is the quick method and works perfectly for me.
* Open the Device Manager, find the touchpad and right click on it to uninstall the driver completely. Then get the old version to apply it and it should functions normally. However, once you run the Windows update, the system will mess it up automatically.
The useful work around:
* Tap or click the Start button and select the Settings app to open it.
* Select Devices category, and click on Mouse and Touch Pad.
* In the right pane, scroll to the bottom and click on “Additional Mouse Options.” link.
* A box with different information will bring up, depend on the type of touchpad you are using.
For Synaptics Touch Pad, click on Settings, go to the Tapping tab,uncheck the “Four Finger Tap” box, and then Apply, then restart the Windows 10. If it still comes back again, you’d better also uncheck “Three Finger Tap” to turn off 3 finger gesture.
For Dell Touchpad, click on the “Click to change Touch Pad Settings” at the bottom, select “Gestures” on the left side, uncheck “Right Edge Swipe” and click Save button.
If your touchpad had only a two finger click option, setting it to off also fixes that.

Another solution is to disable the related notifications
* Press the Start menu, open the Setting app, and go to System > Notifications & actions.
* Click on Turn system icons on or off, and select the Off button next to to action center. The problem has gone now. However,you can not access the action center from the tray anymore.


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