SD Card not Recognized After Windows 10 Anniversary Update

After my Surface Pro 3 is installed the Windows 10 Anniversary Update with up to date drivers, the SanDisk 32Gb SD card inserted through the internal card reader is not detected and I could not find the related drive showing up in File Explorer. But it can be mounted, read and written on other computer. Any solution to get it working?

How to fix SD Card not Recognized/Detected After Windows 10 Anniversary Update
* Press the Win + X keys or right click on Start button to open the menu, and select Device Manager.
* Expand the SD host adapters or RealteK PCIE Card reader category, there is Memory Technology Devices or other SD Card Controller. Right click on it to select the Disable option, and click Yes to confirm. If there is nothing listed in the card reading department, It could be outdated so you need to update the driver.
* Then right click on this device again, and select Enable. Now the SD card appears and you are able to access insided files .

If you are using an SD card with the Intel Compute Stick or Intel NUC, Fast Startup feature can cause it to not be recognized by PC.
* Tap or click on Start button, and open the Setting app.
* Click on System category, go to Power & sleep tab, and click on Additional power settings in the right side.
* In the left pane, click on “Choose what the power buttons do” link.
* Click on Change settings that are currently unavailable, uncheck “Turn on fast startup” box, and click Save changes button.
* Open Device Manager, under the SD host adapter category, right-click your SD host adapter and select Disable. Then repeat the way to Enable it again.


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