How to Use Cortana to find discount coupons in Windows 10 Edge

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update turns the personal digital assistant Cortana to become more smarter than before and it can do lots of tasks, such as set Reminders, perform unit conversions, calculations, find discount coupons, send mails, identify a Song and more. The shopping supported is a cool function and Cortana offers the quick access way to get the context-sensitive information about coupons, without having to visit the many websites around the Internet and search for the related things. Here is the how-to tutorial for that.

How to use Cortana to find Coupons Automatically while you are shoping in Windows 10 Edge
* Make sure your system is running the Anniversary Update build of Windows 10 at least.
* You also need to enable the Cortana feature and get it to work with Edge browser. Click on the menu button of Cortana, go to Settings > View advanced settings, and toggle switch for the “Have Cortana assist me in Microsoft Edge” option ot be on. However, this feature probably is not fully compatible with Chrome and Firefox since now.
* Tap or click on the Edge app from taskbar or Start menu to open it.
* Access the website of a large online store such as Target, Best Buy or Sears. The Cortana will get the provided data from several mobile coupon service like Shopular, and check if there is any available discount coupons automatically.
* Once it finds any, a related notification will be displayed in your Edge toolbar, and you are able to click on the notification or press Alt + C shortcut to access the coupons. In the addition, if you have set up voice, Cortana will alert you via voice.
* Then the right side of the Edge window slides out The Cortana interface. It lists any current coupons along with terms, expiration dates, and coupon codes. Simply tap or click on your necessary coupon code to copy it. You can paste into the order form at checkout for saving money.


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