How to Enable Dynamic Lock in Windows 10 Creators Update

In previous version, users need to press Win + L keys shortcut to lock their PC at any time, or configure the related setting to do that automatically after a period of idle time. Now the Windows 10 Creators Update comes with the new Dynamic Lock feature which is designed to lock the PC automatically once the system detect you has moved away from the machine by Windows Hello. Instead of logging you in, it offers extra security and is beneficial on PC with sensitive info in enterprise.

How to Enable Dynamic Lock in Windows 10 Creators Update
Note: You can follow the method to do that unless Microsoft changes the schedule. It requires that your tablet or computer has built-in or connected Camera.
* From your desktop, tap or click on the Start menu, and open the Settings app. Or you can press Win + I to access it.
* Click on the Accounts category, and go to the Sign-in Options tab in the left side.
* In its right side pane, move the slider of Dynamic Lock from Off to On for turning the feature on. There is no options to change the away time period for locking the device, and the default time should be 15 minutes of inactivity.
* Then you need to set up Windows Hello facial recognition, because Dynamic Lock will utilizing Windows Hello enabled equipment and proximity sensors to detect if your face/iris are present in front of your PC.
From Sign-in Options, hit the “Add” button under “PIN” to set a PIN code up. And click on “Set Up.” for Face option, click Get started and follow the on-screen instructions to finish the process.

Once the Dynamic Lock is turned on in Windows 10, I think that the camera will be only turn on if the touchscreen, mouse or keyboard is not used for a while, and that can save battery life for Surface Pro tablet.


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