Fix Windows 10 not saving WiFi password after reboot

I had setup the WiFi network to connect automatically in Windows 8.1 at home. After my Surface Pro 3 is upgraded to Windows 10 Pro 64-bit and I restart the tablet, I need to enter the password every time. It seems that the system doesn’t save and remember wifi network key while all others function properly.

If Windows 10 always forgets your saved WiFi password after you log out of an user account or restart the system, you could try forget it by opening the Setting app, going to Network & Internet > Manage WiFi settings, and clicking Forget option next to your wireless network, then reconnect it. If the tablet or computer still doesn’t automatically connect to your WiFi, you may need to update the driver.
How to Fix Windows 10 not saving WiFi password after reboot
* Right click on Start menu or Press Windows key + X, and select Device manager.
* Locate the Network Adaptors category, and click on the plus sign to expand its lists. Right click on the Network cards used with your tablet or computer, and select uninstall option, dont check the box, and click OK button to remove the device.
* Then Reboot the system and login to system and it will ask you password to reconnect with your wireless networkion. Enter the key and Windows 10 should remember wifi network key

However, for security reason, Wifi password is stored in in an encrypted form files and will be deleted each time the PC reboots. By default the Wifi key folder called Interfaces is under your system drive.
* Open File Explorer, navigate to the location below:


* There are two XML files inside the folder and they contain the WiFi password. Right click on a .XML file, select the properties from menu, and then check read only box, and click Apply > OK button. Repeat the same way with another .XML. Now two files get READ ONLY type and can’t be removed by system.


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