Windows 10 Search Bar freezing and not working After Anniversary Upgrade

I was able to use Search Bar function from the taskbar in Windows 8.1, but it was not working after the Windows 10 Anniversary Upgrade installed on my Surface Pro 4. When I clicked on the Search Bar and typed the words, it took a long time to show all letters. For example, if I type video, it freezed on v letter and nothing happened. Restarting my tablet didn’t take any effects.How can I resolve the problem.

How to fix Search Bar freezing and not working after Windows 10 Anniversary Upgrade
A workaround by copy-paste method
* Create a new .txt text file on your desktop, type the text you need from it, then copy and paste such text into the search bar to perform a search.
* Or you can also press the Win + R to open the Run box and use it as a spare clipboard, type the text and copy it, press Win + V and copy it into the searching box for skipping the freezing issue

The Cortana or Explorer may casue the problem, so you could go to end the related process
* Right-click the Start menu and select Task Manager.
* Scroll down to locate the Cortana and highlight it. Click End Task button. Cortana will restart itself automatically. Go to check if it is fine.
* Otherwise, follow the above method, right click on Windows Explorer and select Restart option.
Rebuild the index
* Open the Control Panel, find the section labeled Indexing Options and click on it.
* Click the Advanced button from dialogue box.
* Then click Rebuild to start the process o. Once it is finished, you should have a freshly search index.


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