How to Enable Virtual Touchpad in Windows 10 with second display

Microsoft unveils a new way to turn your Microsoft device with touchscreen into trackpad, and this is the same touchpad gesture which Apple uses on Macs. In Windows 10 Anniversary Update build 14965, user are able to activate the built-in Virtual Touchpad feature if a second display is connected to your Surface Pro or other related tablet. The new feature can help you easily manage the second display using onscreen touchpad, but it is only only available once the another monitor, HDTV or computer is connected.

Many people always connect their Surface Pro model or Windows 10 tablet to an external monitor, PC or TV, and then watch a movie, show off the pictures, or play games. The Virtual Touchpad feature is useful and make multiples devices to be connected together easier than ever.

How to Enable Virtual Touchpad feature in Windows 10 Anniversary Update
* First you need to connect your Surface Pro tablet to another monitor, TV, projector or PC.
* From the desktop, swipe in from the right side of the screen or tap the notification icon from taskbar to open Action Center. Or you can press Win + A from keyboard to access it.
* Tap the Expand link to get the full set of quick actions, select the “Project” Quick Action and extend your screen.
* Hold and press on the taskbar, and select the “Show touchpad button” option. If you have a connected mouse, just right click on it to do that.
* Then you should see a touchpad icon in the notification area of taskbar. Simply tap on it to open the virtual touchpad. Now you are able to access contents or move items around on the second connected screen by it, and it acts as a physical touchpad. The Virtual Touchpad includes a right- and left-click option at the bottom, and it also allows you to tweak it by customising gestures.


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