Fix Push Notifications Not Working in Sleep After Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Windows 10 and 8 has the Connected Standby feature to function your device in a low-power state and work more like a tablet or smartphone. And the Anniversary Update (Build 14393 Version 1607 or later) always block some of the less-valuable apps, services and activities for improving battery life while keep your PC has key connectivity with inernet. However, many background activities of the apps are suppressed and that casue problem, such as you are unable to receive new notifications from mail, skype and others and the syncing is also not working in sleep mode.

If you have enabled the Connected Standby and face the issue about the new notifications not pushing after installed the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, try any of the methods to fix it.
How to Fix Push Notifications Not Working in Sleep mode After Windows 10 Anniversary Update
* From your desktop, tap or click on the Start menu, open the Setting app, and go to System > Battery.
* In its right side pane, under the Always allowed option, click the + plus next to “Add an app”, and pick up the one which you want to run during Connected Standby.

If it is still not working, you need to revert to the Old Behavior in Connected Standby
* Right click on Start menu, and select Command Prompt(Admin). Or you can click on Start menu, type cmd into searching box, right click on cmd from results and select Run as administrator.
* Within Command Prompt, type the command:


and press Enter to execute it.
* Then input other command:

powercfg /setactive scheme_current

and press Enter to run it.
* Finally restart the system and go to check if it is fine. However, if you need to re-enable the new Connected Standby behavior, replace the 0 to 1 in the command code and try the above method again.


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