Fix Cannot access Outlook PST Data Files in Windows 10 Anniversary Update

I was able to open and access the Data File (.pst) files in Outlook 2016 on my Surface Pro 3 tablet running Windows 8. However, after upgraded to Windows 10 Anniversary Update, I tried to load PST files and the software always freezed and became not respond, as well as showed the error message, such as File access is denied, The set of folders cannot be opened, or You do not have the permission required to access the file, even sometimes Microsoft Outlook can not be started normally. How can I resolve the problem?

A few people are unable to start Outlook or access PST File, and the issue happens after your tablet or computer upgraded to Windows 10, or move the PST File to those machine. It is caused by permission adjustments with pst file. Here is a workaround to fix it.
* First open the File Explorer, and navigate to the file location where it store the .pst file with the error. For example, it may be C:\Users\\Documents\Outlook Files\***.pst.
* Hold-and-press or right click on the ***.pst file, and choose Properties option from menu.
* Go to its Security tab and click the Edit button.
* In the Group or user names area, select your current account. Go to the Permissions, click the Allow next to Full control.
* Repeat the same way for others including Administrators and System, and gain Full Control permissions for both of them.
* Finally click OK button to save changes and close all dialogs boxes

If the above method is still not working, you could use Inbox Repair Tool to fix corrupted Outlook .PST and offline .ost files. It is a free utility by Microsoft.


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