Cannot clear File explorer search history in Windows 10

Once you have typed some words to search for files and folder in File Explorer, Windows 10 store them in database and will show them the next time you use it. This is very helpful for most of users but you might don’t want to have those items appear again. Here is the how-to tutorial for that.

How to Clear File Explorer Search History in Windows 10
If you only want to remove the specific File Explorer Search History Suggestions
* Open File Explorer, tap or click inside the search box which is located at the top right side.
* Press the UP or Down key to select the search suggestion which you don’t want to use it, such as *.jpg, and then hit the Delete button from your keyboard.
* Then repeat the same method for another one.
To clear All File Explorer Search History for your account
* Within File Explorer, click inside the search box.
* in Ribbon interface, go to the Search tab, click on Recent searches, and select the Clear search history option from the drop down menu. Once it is done, there is no any search history and the Recent searches also becomes grayed out.
Another method
* Click on Start menu, type cmd into searching box, right click on cmd from results and select Run as administrator.
* Type the code:

REG Delete HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\WordWheelQuery /VA /F

and press Enter to execute it.

Howerver, I had tried all of the tips but the search history is still not clearing or updating in File Explorer while the old search keptreappeared. Finaly I get rid of that by completely reset Windows Search and Rebuild Index.
* Press Win + R from keyboard, input Regedit and click OK button.
* Navigate to the tree below:


* In its right-hand side, double click on a REG_SZ value named SetupCompletedSuccessfully, and change its value data from 1 to 0.
* Then open Services control panel,  and restart the Windows Search service.


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