How to customise Touchpad gestures in Windows 10 RedStone 2

Windows 8 had trackpad edge swipes to opened the charms bar and do other things, but these Mac-like gestures is overhauled in Windows 10 since now, because it is not helpful for desktop users. To help laptop owners navigate the desktop easily, Microsoft quietly re-add this brilliant new feature to customise trackpad gestures the RedStone 2 version. Here is the how-to tutorial for having great effect.

How to setup and customise Touchpad gestures Windows 10 RedStone 2
Note: The release date of RedStone 2 update is scheduled for March 2017.
* Tap or click on the Start menu from your desktop, and open the Setting app. Or press Win + I from your keyboard to open it.
* Click on Device category, and select Touchpad.
* Go to the right side pane, under Other gestures option, you are able to setup Three and four finger swipes on the touchpad to be used for those tasks for your preference, including getting the multitasking view, revealing the desktop, or toggling between apps.
For example, you are able to swipe down on the trackpad to show the desktop hidden behind the cluster of windows.
This is an alternative if you always try the old faithful Alt+Tab.
* If you need to configure your own three/four gestures by more way, click on Advanced link to open the Advanced Gestures Configuration page. From there, you can make changes the Taps, Up/down, left/right swipes to take actions, such as accessing Action Center, creating or removing a virtual desktop, jump to the next or previous song in a playlist, and snapping a window to the screen in the edge.

This feature is perfect if you are using trackpad on your laptop, or hybrid Windows 10 device, and becomes more convenient than keyboard shortcuts.


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