How to disable or hide Action Center Taskbar icon in Windows 10 Anniversary Update

With the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, the new Action Center not only collects any warnings, messages or system updates, but also holds shortcuts to run system tasks such as switching to airplane mode.adjusting the screen brightness or setup WiFi network. It sits in the notification area of your Taskbar from desktop and is a bit more noticeable. If you don’t want its icon to clutter up your taskbar, try the method to hide it.

How to disable or hide Action Center Taskbar icon in Windows 10 Anniversary Update
* Hold-and-press or right-click on an empty space in the taskbar, and select the Settings option from menu. Or you can click on Start menu, open the Setting app, and navigate to Personalization > Taskbar.
* In the right side pane, scroll down to the Notification area option, and click on the “Turn system icons on or off” text link.
* From the lists, flip the corresponding switch of Action Center to Off. Once it is turned off, the Action Center icon disappears from your desktop taskbar immediately, without needing to reboot or log off the system.
* All related notifications and alerts still will pop up. To configure them based on your preferences, open the Setting app and go to System > Notifications & Actions.

However, if you would like to disable Action Center and its notifications completely in Windows 10, try another method:
* Click on Start menu, type regedit, and open the Registry Editor from results.
* Navigate to the location below:
* Click on the Explorer key, go to the right side pane, right-click any blank area to create a new DWORD (32-bit) Value, set its name as DisableNotificationCenter and change its Value data to 1, then click OK button. Now the disabling feature is activate. To get the feature back, just set its value data to 0.


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