Enable or Hide Network/power Option on Lock Screen in Windows 10

Windows 10’s lock screen is not just a background image, but also contains widgets that display quick notifications and information. My Surface Pro 3 has installed the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, and I notice that mine only has the Network and Ease of Access icons and the Power button is missing. Any way to customize that and get it appearing.

How to hide Network icon or enable the Power option from Lock Screen of Windows 10
Note: The Pro version allow users to get that by enabling “Shutdown: Allow system to be shut down without having to log on.” or other options in local security policy, but Home version need to make changes with regedit editor.
* Click on Start menu, type regedit into searching box and select the top one from results. Or you can press Win + R from your keyboard, input regedit and click OK button.
* Within the left pane of Registry Editor, navigate to the location below:


* Tap or click on System and go to its right pane, and follow one of the methods you would like to use:
To Remove Network Icon
* Right click any blank area, select New > DWORD Value to create a new key. Change its name to dontdisplaynetworkselectionui.
* Then double click on dontdisplaynetworkselectionui, modify its value data to 1, and click OK button.
To Show or enable the power options to sleep / restart / shutdown from lock screen on Windows 10 Home edition.
* Look for “shutdownwithoutlogon” key. If it does not exist, create a new one by this way. Right click, and select New > DWORD Value, name it as shutdownwithoutlogon.
* Then double click the shutdownwithoutlogon, change it’s value data to 1, and click OK button.

Finally you’d better restart the system to apply all changes and go to check if it is working well. The the power button is back immediately, as well as the networking option is hiden.


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