Mapped External Network Drive Access denied after Windows 10 Anniversary Update

I have attached a Western Digital external T2 hdd to Network Storage NAS serve and I could access all mapped files in Windows 10 File Explorer on my Surface Pro 4 tablet. However, after installed the Anniversary Update, it showed access is denied error while the permissions were correct. Any way to resolve the problem? Continue reading

Fix Windows 10 Calculator app not working after Anniversary Update

After installed Anniversary Update, the Windows 10 store became broken while Calculator was not working on my Surface Pro 4 and that screwed up my operating workstation totally. The app refused to open and showed “ms-windows-store:Asspc?protocol=calculator. The remote proceduce call failed” error then flashed and disappeared. I logged off and then on and got You’ll need a new app to open this calculator message but could not figure out how to reoslve the problem. Continue reading

Fix slow loading and speed up Microsoft Edge with TCP Fast Open

A few users reports that the Microsoft Edge runs very slow while browsing website on their tablets or computers, and have done a couple of solutions, such as delete Temporary Internet Files, Clear Cache And Browsing History, and reset Hosts File. With the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, now the built-in browser offers an extension of the TCP Protocol for making web pages load faster at its full speed. This is TCP Fast Open feature and it can decreases application network latency and exchange data during TCP’s initial handshake by using a cryptographic cookie. Continue reading

Create Edge webpage shortcut on Windows 10 desktop

It is easy to create a shortcut to a website in windows 10 with the pre-installed Internet Explorer application, or others like Google Chrome. For IE 11 version, load the URL to access the website page, right-click any blank space and select Create shortcut from context menu. But the Edge doesn’t offer the ability to generate that and you could try the how-to tutorial to make a desktop link for that on Surface Pro tablet or other computer. Continue reading

Windows 10 WiFi network Broken and keep disconnecting after Anniversary Update

My Windowws 10 laptop has Qualcomm Atheros AR956x
adapter and everything worked fine. After installed the Anniversary Update, I got the WiFi issues. The system said no internet connection or can’t connect to this network. I rebooted to get WiFi connection but then the network kept disconnecting, even I left it for a while. How can I fix it? Continue reading

Hibernate sleep missing and not work in Windows 10 Anniversary Update

I had setup Hybrid sleep mode on my Windows 7 computer which comes with the Intel i5 460m and 6GB RAM. I was able to restore any opened documents and programs from hard disk and resume my workd quickly if a power failure occured. However, after the device upgraded to Windows 10 and install the anniversary update, the Hybrid sleep is missing and will not work automatically. Continue reading

Enable ReFS Resilient File System to format external drive on Windows 10

ReFS (Resilient File System) work well with extremely large data sets in Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012, Because it can maximize the data availability and reliability, acute error correction by scrubber and never impact any performance, even a hardware failure happens on storage. It is better than NTFS in Windows 10, and you could use an external flash drive or SD card with ReFS File System by the how-to tutorial. Continue reading

Windows 10 boots up slowly after Anniversary Update

There are a SSD, 2 hard disks on my Windows 10 computer. It took only about 5 seconds. After I installed the Anniversary Update successfully, that degraded bootup time and always spent around 60 seconds booting up. Sometimes it freezed and stucked at the windows logo, even crashing. The Edge and other app ran slower than before and I could not figure out how to fix it. Continue reading

Pinch-to-zoom enabled after Windows 10 restart

Windows 10 comes with many useful gestures on a trackpad or a multi touchscreen for navigating the desktop and they are similar to trackpad gestures on a Mac. Two-finger scrolling and manipulating images with my fingertips supported by the pinch zoom gesture works great on my Surface Pro 4, but I don’t want to enable the feature on my Windows 10 laptop. Every time I do a two finger scroll to navigate the Web or read an e-mail message., my touch pad keeps activating and zoom in to get a closer look. Continue reading

Fix Windows Hello camera not working after hibernate on Surface Book

With Windows Hello, you are able to use fingerprint or facial recognition to access to your Windows 10 tablet or computer securely and instantly. I have setup the feature on my Surface Book i7 256 and it worked fine. After I manually applied the latest firmware and Anniversary Update, it fixes the problem with sleep states and transitions. However, I noticed that it never actually turned on the camera and the Windows Hello was not working after hibernate. I had to make a fresh power or log in using password or PIN code, then reboot and it should be fine temporarily. Continue reading