Fix Windows 10 won’t wake up from sleep mode problem

After my computer upgraded to Windows 10 pro, it could not wake up from sleep or hibernate mode, no matter plugging in the keyboard. All input devices became unresponsive. I pressed the power button and it still stucked on a black screen and nothing happened. The Hey Cortana was not turned on while there was not Skype running. I had to hold the power button down to force it to shutdown. How can I fix the issue?

If the system can not wake up from sleep mode in Windows 10 while the keyboard and mouse are not responsive at all, you could try any of the methods to get rid of that.
The related setting turn an intel chip to sleep and the hardware events are not working, so you can not use the keyboard, mouse and power button to wake the machine.
* Right click on the Start menu, and select Device Manager.
* Double click on the System devices to expand all items.
* Right click on “Intel(R) Management Engine Interface”, select Properties.
* Go to the Power Management tab, uncheck “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” box, and click Apply > OK button.

Some users report that Windows 10 uses generic sata controller drivers and you need to change the SATA controller of my motherboard to the correct one. For example, I have attached my hard drive to the JMB322 SATA controller of my gigabyte motherboard . After changed it to the AMD 750 controller, everything works fine.

The secure boot option is used for switching different operating systems. Disabling the feature also get the sleep mode issue.
* Boot your tablet or computer into UEFI/BIOS setting by pressing a key such as F1, F2, F12, key during the bootup sequence.
* Go to the Security tab, and locate the Secure Boot setting. If not, it is usually in the Authentication tab or the Boot tab. Then set secure boot to Enabled.
* Save all changes and exit BIOS to reboot the PC.


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