Enable Cortana on Lock Screen in Windows 10 on Surface Pro

After the Anniversary Update applied, the digital assistant Cortana has been improved by Microsoft. It gets a way to be available directly above the lock screen on Surface Pro model tablet and other Windows 10 computer. Without entering your password to log in system, you are able to easily talk with Cortana for doing common tasks such as check the temperature, set reminders and more across all types of devices.

By default Hey Cortana is disabled on your Lock Screen. Once you have turned it on, you can have a hands-free experience or tap on its icon on a touch-enabled device to ask her questions, such as “Remind me to call my son when I get home”, or “How is the traffic on my way to my office?” But if you would like to do sensitive tasks, launch an app or perform search queries, it still requires to unlock you PC.

How to Enable Cortana on Lock Screen in Windows 10 on Surface Pro
* From your desktop, tap or click on the Cortana icon or search box in the taskbar. Or you can say “Hey Cortana” to launch the app.
* There is a gear icon at its left side and this is the Settings button. Click on it to acces the Setting panel.
* Scroll down a bit, under Lock screen, there is “Use Cortana even when my device is locked”. Flip the switch on to turn on the feature.
* The new Outlook version come with support for Calendar and Cortana. To read your email messages over there, you can also check the box for “Cortana access my calendar, email, messages, and Power Bi data when my device is locked”

If you have set it on by the above method and it doesn’t take any effects, you could make change with regedit editor.
* Press Win + R from keyboard, input regdit and press Enter. Or click on the Start menu, type regedit in the search box, and choose it from results.
* Navigate to the location below:
* In its right hand pane, double click on the “VoiceActivationEnableAboveLockscreen” with DWORD type
* Chang its value data to 1, and click Apply > OK button for enabling “Hey Cortana” on your lock screen. If you set it to 0 or delete this key, this feature will be turned off completely.


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