Windows 10 lock out Your Device Is Offline Please Sign In With The Last Password

I switched from local account to my Microsoft account in Windows 10 Pro and tried to log on system by entering in the PIN and the Password on my Surface Pro 4 tablet. The sign-in screen didn’t accept that and displayed the “Your device is offline. Please sign in with the last password used on this device.” error message. Now I am locked out of system and there is no internet access. Continue reading

How to set Time Zone automatically updating in Windows 10

The Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks can detect the city location in the system to display the city and country names and also automatically change Time Zone. The feqature is useful if you are traveling abroad for vacation without needing to worry about manually adjusting your PC clock again. Now the Anniversary Update also brings a similar feature to Windows 10, depending on the physical location of your device. This is very helpful on Surface Pro 4 tablet. Continue reading

How to use Cortana to Search Outlook Email message in Windows 10

The virtual assistant Cortana includes integration with the native Windows email app Outlook in Windows 10. Users are able to use Cortana to find out email message, the time and location for an event, or calendar entries, without log in to their company’s webmail or fire up a separate email client. Here is the how-to tutorial to get Cortana working with your work or school Office 365 (aka Outlook) account. Continue reading

Setup Pen to Work With Windows Ink In Windows 10 on Surface Pro/Book

The Anniversary Update brings a new feature named Windows Ink in Windows 10. Users can use a digital pen to with built-in apps such as notes, a sketch pad, and a screen capture and annotation tool on touch-screen laptops or tablets. The Windows Ink is very useful for Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book. Continue reading

How to configure/customize pen settings for Windows Ink in Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10 Anniversary update release on Aug. 2, includes Windows Ink and improved Cortana. The pen support is designed for touch-enabled devices with more complete experience, such as the Surface Pro 4 tablet and Surface Book. There are a lot of customization options to configure and customize your active pen. Continue reading

How to Install/Configre Add-on Extensions in Microsoft Edge of Windows 10

Microsoft Edge extensions supported is one of the new features with Windows 10 Anniversary Update and is very similar to Chrome extensions. Third-party developers can create their add-ons for Edge to fill the Windows Store. Here are the how-to tutorial on Surface Pro 4 tablet or other computer running Windows 10 OS. Continue reading

Open photo/video with The wait operation timed out error in Windows 10

I used the old photo viewer in Windows 8.1 without any problem, but it kept getting error after my Surface Pro 3 tablet upgraded to Windows 10 Pro. When I tried to open a picture of any img type such as png, jpeg, jpg using the new built-in photo app, it showed “The wait operation timed out” message and stopped working while sometimes took onger to load. That also happend with playing movie and the calculator app. Continue reading

Fix Live tiles not working/updating in start menu on Windows 10

When I pinned a websites to the start menu on my SUrface Pro 4 running Windows 10 Pro, they appeared only as a generic blue color with empty content. I noticed the Weather and Mail live tiles stoped working and were also not updating. My screen resolution is 1024 x 768. Running App Troubleshooter and restarting the system didn’t take any effects. Any way to resolve the blank content problem? Continue reading

Recommended apps working with Windows Ink in Windows 10 on Surface Pro

Windows 10 Anniversary Update bring the Windows Ink feature to expand on the vision for digital writing on touch-enabled tablet and computer. Users can use a compatible stylus or pen (the Surface Pen) to do maky taks, such as doodling in a sketchpad, writing notes, and annotating pictures. It is perfect on the Surface Pro and Surface Book while you also need get the supported app to do that. Continue reading