Windows 10 Activation Troubleshooter Fix Product Key Activation Not Working

The Activation pairs your product key with your tablet or computer and also is used to define support rights but sometimes it is not Working. If Windows 8 and 7 users have applied the free upgrade to Windows 10 and then replace the type of hardware such as a PC’s hard drive or motherboard, they will face the common complaints and might be unable to activate their copy of Windows 10 which is only licensed to a specific device, as well as got error message (0XC004E003, ,0x8007000D, or 0x8007007B).

In order to resolve the big problem, Microsoft releases a new built-in tool named Activation Troubleshooter for that. People have changed certain hardware components or even swap out system hardware and the system will trigger a prompt to re-activate your genuine OS. Once the that device is not recognised, Activation Troubleshooter is handy for getting rid of that.
How to use Activation Troubleshooter to Fix Product Key Activation Not Working in Windows 10* First you need to log into Windows 10 Home or Pro using a Microsoft account. Once you’ve sigined into system sucessfullly, it will automatically link this account to the Windows digital license on the device.
* If you don’t have linked your own Microsoft account to a Windows 10 license, the system also has the ability to do that. Simply open the Settings app, go to Update & security > Activation, then click Add an account option to complete the process.
* To access the Activation Troubleshooter feature, cLick the Star menu from your desktop, open the Settings app, navigate to Update & security > Activation, and hit on Troubleshoot button.


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