How to use/enable Driver Verifier Manager in Windows 10

Driver Verifier Manager is a built-in tool to identify problematic drivers and locate the fault in Windows 10/8.1. If the drivers are corrupted, your machine may run into Blue Screen of Death or stop errors and this helpful app can help you verify lesser or minimum number of drivers in a single session quickly. Here are the step-by-step tips for using it to troubleshoot, and resolve common device problem.

How To enable and use Driver Verifier Manager in Surface Pro Windows 10
* Your login account must has administrator right or belong to administrator’s group.
* Press Win + R from your keyboard, input verifier and click OK button. Or you can click the Start menu, type verifier into the searching box, and select the top one from the results.
* Click Yes button if the User Account Control (UAC) pops up.
* Within the Driver Verifier wizard, under Select a task area, choose Create standard settings or Create custom settings (for code developers) option depending on what you need, and Click Next.
* CLick Automatically select unsigned drivers > Next, and a dialog box “Loading driver information” will list unsigned drivers that are usually suspect.
If you would like to specify the drivers, check “Select driver names from a list” box, click Next, select which specific driver you want to debug or verify from the list. For example, the ntfs.sys file can help you figure out which driver read New Technology File System (NTFS) drives.
* There are two options in the last stage of the wizard: Cancel or Finish. Clicking Cancel button doesn’t has made any changes to your system configuration, as well as click Finish will reboot the machine into Safe Mode and let you choose the choice to Roll back, Update, Disable or Uninstall the particular Driver.

However, if the Driver Verifier Manager is turning on and runing in background for more than 24 hours, your Windows 10 always keep crashing with BSOD screen. So you’d better disable the feature by this method.
* Click the Start menu, type
verifier /reset
in Search box and hit Enter.


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