How to disable/remove Media device in This PC on Windows 10/8.1

I have added the Folders of Documents, Pictures, and some of my Media devices from network under This PC (Computer) in navigation pane of File Explorer, and that worked fine. Now I would like to delete the media icons from there and right click them to choose Remove device option, but they keep appearing after restart. How can I resolve the problem?

How to disable or remove Media device in This PC on Windows 10/8.1
* In Windows 8.1, open your Apps screen, click or tap on the PC settings tile to open it.
Click on Network on the left side, go to the right side pane, turn off the “Let devices on this network (like TV’s and game consoles) stream my music and videos” option.
For Windows 10, click the Start Menu, open the Settings app, and go to Network and Internet tab. Click on Advanced Options, and disable the PC discoverable by other PCs around feature.
* Open the Control Panel (icons view), and click/tap on the HomeGroup icon, and click on the “Allow all devices on this network such as TV’s and game consoles to play my shared content” link.
* Within Media streaming option, set Show devices on “All networks”, click on the Block All button,
* Select the one that you need to delete, click its Remove link, click on Remove the device to apple that.
* Then repeat the same way for others, and click on OK when you finished it.
* Finally go to This PC of File Explorer, right click on Media device to remove it again.

If there are old media devices based on the old accounts you have deleted, you must boot to safe mode and delete the old user folders with hidden files form the c:/users location. All extraneous media devices will be gone after rebooting.


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