How To block/mute Cortana News Sources in Windows 10

Microsoft’s Cortana acts as the personal digital voice assistant on the Windows Phone mobile platform, and has graduated to the desktop operating system’s primary search tool and a cloud based service in Windows 10. The app allows users to pick the broad categories from news, sports to technology headlines they got, but it didn’t have the ability to block or banish certain sites the content of which they may disagree with. To resolve the presented problem, the last build of Cortana offers a way for US users to take full control over the news sources those headlines were being pulled from in any eligible category.

How To Mute specific Cortana News Sources in Windows 10
Note: This is a key feature to fine tune the information that Cortana provides in the latest insider build of Windows 10. Unfortunately, only USA devices are working with the feature since now.
* From your desktop, click the search feature on the taskbar to access Cortana.
* Click on the ellipsis menu on the right side of the news card.
* The inline editing options will be opened. It exposes a new set of options and lists all news entrys
* There is a Mute site icon alongside of each entry. Simply click on the “Mute site” at the right side of the news source entry which you would like to remove.
For example, you are able to mute websites such as like The Daily Mail, Fox News and more. Once you’ve done, those publications will be muted and stopped from showing in your homepage.
* A Undo link will appear at its bottom for undoing this action if you make mistake, and then disappears in a couple of seconds. But you can edit your Notebook in Cortana app to adjust all removed sources.


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